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The Heart & Rythm Cen­ter  is com­po­sed of a small group of world renow­ned spe­cia­lists, who work for the advan­ce­ment of inno­va­ti­ve tre­at­ment of car­dio­vascu­lar disea­se, car­diac arrhyth­mia, and espe­ci­al­ly atri­al fibril­la­ti­on. The Cen­ter offers a full spec­trum of mini­mal­ly inva­si­ve heart sur­ge­ry, in par­ti­cu­lar the sur­gi­cal abla­ti­on of atri­al fibril­la­ti­on. The Heart­Team is at your dis­po­sal and would be delight­ed to ans­wer any ques­ti­ons you may have.

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Regular Heartbeat is our Life Engine

Our heart beats more than 100,000 times a day – depen­ding on the heart rhythm-and con­ti­nuous­ly pumps about 7,000 litres of blood a day through the body to sup­ply all organs, cells and tis­su­es with oxy­gen and nut­ri­ents – kee­ping us ali­ve! The heart rhythm deter­mi­nes this per­for­mance. No other organ is as power­ful and chal­len­ged as our heart. That’s why we must keep it healt­hy!

Heart and rhythm

Atrial Fibrillation - common Arrhythmia

Car­diac arrhyth­mi­as can be mani­fold. Fast and/or slow-but always irre­gu­lar and unex­pec­ted. Atri­al fibril­la­ti­on is the most com­mon of the­se arrhyth­mi­as. Unt­rea­ted atri­al fibril­la­ti­on is harm­ful, and can lead, to heart fail­u­re and/or stro­ke. Sym­ptoms severely impact qua­li­ty of life! It is important to con­sult a spe­cia­list and to tre­at atri­al fibril­la­ti­on aggres­si­ve­ly.

Atri­al fibril­la­ti­on

What is Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation?

When drugs do not impro­ve sym­ptoms, abla­ti­ons have beco­me an estab­lished the­ra­py. In cer­tain cases, sur­gi­cal abla­ti­on pro­mi­ses excel­lent tre­at­ment out­co­mes. The­se mini­mal­ly inva­si­ve methods are our core com­pe­ten­cy. The opti­mal the­ra­py con­cept is deter­mi­ned indi­vi­dual­ly in our cen­ter with all spe­cia­lists and each atri­al fibril­la­ti­on pati­ent indi­vi­dual­ly.

Sur­gi­cal abla­ti­on

eliminate atrial fibrillation?

surgical ablation

Medi­ca­ti­ons are often not enough to get a grip on atri­al fibril­la­ti­on and dis­rup­ti­ve sym­ptoms. When this occurs, cathe­ter abla­ti­on can be used. When repeat abla­ti­on fails or is not desi­red a sur­gi­cal stand-alo­ne approach, tho­r­a­co­scopic abla­ti­on, has estab­lished its­elf as a very suc­cess­ful, mini­mal­ly inva­si­ve method with excel­lent long-term results, espe­ci­al­ly when com­bi­ned as a hybrid pro­ce­du­re.


Many pati­ents talk about their expe­ri­ence under­go­ing sur­gi­cal abla­ti­on. In the vide­os with Prof. Salz­berg you will learn more direc­t­ly from pati­ents them­sel­ves.

Pati­ent voices


We offer semi­nars on atri­al fibril­la­ti­on, cathe­ter abla­ti­on and the inno­va­ti­ve sur­gi­cal methods for pati­ents and care-givers. We look for­ward to atten­ding one of our next semi­nars. Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on is free.


Prof. Dr. med. Sacha P. Salzberg

Spe­cia­list in Car­diac and Tho­r­a­cic Vascu­lar Sur­ge­ry (Mem­ber FMH)

Sacha Salz­berg is the cent­re foun­der. He trai­ned as a car­diac sur­ge­on in Switz­er­land, USA and the Nether­lands. In addi­ti­on to the con­ve­tio­nal heart sur­ge­ry, he has deepe­ned his expe­ri­ence in the field of mini­mal­ly inva­si­ve pro­ce­du­res and intro­du­ced the Heart­Team approach for atri­al fibril­la­ti­on and sur­gi­cal abla­ti­on in  in Switz­er­land.

Pro­fi­le Prof. Salz­berg

Dr. med. Wim-Jan van Boven (PhD)

Spe­cia­list in Tho­r­a­cic Sur­ge­ry and Heart Sur­ge­ry (NL)

Wim-Jan van Boven is a car­diac and lung sur­ge­on from the Nether­lands. He inven­ted tho­r­a­co­scopic abla­ti­on in 2006. Tog­e­ther with Prof. Salz­berg, they intro­du­ced the AF Heart­Team approach and sur­gi­cal abla­ti­on in Switz­er­land in 2008. Tog­e­ther, they have several years of expe­ri­ence and have suc­cess­ful­ly trea­ted many pati­ents.

Pro­fi­le Dr. van Boven

Dr. med. Thomas Zerm (Consultant)

Spe­cia­list in Car­dio­lo­gy and Inter­nal Medi­ci­ne (D)

The car­dio­lo­gist Tho­mas Zerm is a spe­cia­list in car­diac elec­tro­phy­sio­lo­gy. He heads the depart­ment of the Alber­ti­ne Heart Cen­ter in Ham­burg. At the Heart & Rhythm Cen­ter, as con­sul­tant he direc­ts car­dio­lo­gi­cal eva­lua­ti­ons, elec­tro­phy­sio­lo­gi­cal exami­na­ti­ons and cathe­ter abla­ti­ons.

Pro­fi­le Dr. Zerm

News and Media

News from the Swiss Heart and Rhythm Center

In this area, you will learn more about the Swiss Heart & Rhythm Cen­ter, Prof. Salz­berg and some inno­va­tions in modern heart medi­ci­ne through diver­se vide­os, media reports and selec­ted publi­ca­ti­ons.

Eliminate atrial fibrillating for good

Prof. Salzberg in an interview with the “SonntagsZeitung”

| Atri­al fibril­la­ti­on, Cli­nic Hirs­lan­den, EN | No Comments
Medi­ca­ti­ons are often not enough to eli­mi­na­te atri­al fibril­la­ting. New abla­ti­on methods, espe­ci­al­ly endo­scopic abla­ti­on, allow excel­lent results to be obtai­ned in the case of…

Atrial fibrillation Heart-Team-Approach

| Atri­al fibril­la­ti­on, Cathe­ter Abla­ti­on, EN, Left Atri­al Appen­da­ge Clo­sure, Publi­ca­ti­ons | No Comments
In pati­ents who have eit­her fai­led cathe­ter abla­ti­on or not can­di­da­tes for such, eva­lua­ti­on by a mul­ti­di­sci­pli­na­ry Heart­Team can lead to effec­tive com­bi­ned the­ra­py. Tho­r­a­co­scopic…
Professor Dr med. Sacha Salzberg Swiss Heart Rhythm Center Zuerich

Left Atrial Appendage Closure With an AtriClip

| Atri­al fibril­la­ti­on, EN, Left Atri­al Appen­da­ge Clo­sure, Publi­ca­ti­ons | No Comments
This video demons­tra­tes a total­ly tho­r­a­co­scopic pro­ce­du­re for left atri­al appen­da­ge clo­sure in a pati­ent with a con­tra­in­di­ca­ti­on to per­cu­ta­ne­ous left atri­al appen­da­ge clo­sure. The…
Prof. Sacha Salzberg Zurich

Prof. Salzberg (cardiac surgery) at the Hirslanden Klinik Im Park

| Cli­nic Hirs­lan­den, EN, Mini­mal­ly inva­si­ve heart sur­ge­ry | No Comments
From 1 March 2019, Prof. Dr. med Sacha Salz­berg began his prac­ti­cal work at the Hirs­lan­den Kli­nik Im Park in Zurich. His «Swiss Heart &…

Thoracoscopic ablation for atrial fibrillation: 3 years after the treatment

| Atri­al fibril­la­ti­on, EN, Pati­ent voices | No Comments
Tho­r­a­co­sc­poic abla­ti­on for atri­al fibril­la­ti­on con­sists of epi­car­di­al bila­te­ral pul­mo­na­ry vein iso­la­ti­on and clip clo­sure of the left atri­al appen­da­ge. This high­ly effec­tive and very…

Aortic valve replacement: Minimally invasive or Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

| Aor­tic val­ve repla­ce­ment, EN, Mini­mal­ly inva­si­ve heart sur­ge­ry, Publi­ca­ti­ons, TAVI | No Comments
Aor­tic steno­sis is the clas­sic disea­se of old age and can affect up to 25 of the over-80s. In order to replace the aor­tic val­ve…